The law firm VM Law&Sport was founded thanks to what has been inherited from Vittorio Mormando, great attorney at law in Lecce, who dedicated all his life to law and sport. He was awarded the Golden Star for sports merit by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).

Following Vittorio Mormando’s philosophy, his son and lawyer Carlo Mormando, together with Lucia Bianco, Morena Campanile and Alessandro Favale, attorneys at law, founded the law firm named VM Law&Sport, strongly believing in what their mentor taught them. VM Law&Sport is the final result of what they have built so far and what they want to share right now while keeping an eye on the future.

The law firm VM Law&Sport is based in Lecce and in Milan. It deals with national and international sports law, thanks to a strong expertise achieved in more than 25 years; with civil law, particularly with commercial law, company crisis, over-indebtedness, executive procedures on real properties. Moreover, it deals with banks and insurance, labour law, family law, minors law, succession, administrative and city planning matters besides tax law with Matteo Sances, counsel of the firm.


After getting her license to practice law, Lucia Bianco began her professional career in the world of football at the Lega Professionisti Serie C (renamed Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico) where she worked as a legal counsel and as a secretary of the permanent Collegio Arbitrale run by the Lega.

Afterwards, she worked as legal counsel in sports law for AS Roma SpA, also dealing with international sports law.

Her experience does not only involve football but also volleyball, in fact she has worked as a legal counsel at the Lega Pallavolo Femminile, where she mainly dealt with admissions into the volleyball championship.

Right now she runs the law firm Bianco & Partners and she deals with legal advice and assistance for football players about both national and international transfers and about any aspect of the employment relationship.

She was Giudice Sportivo Federazione Italiana FIKBMS in 2015 and 2016.

She has been appointed Procuratore Generale for Federazione Italiana TWIRLING in November 2016 and she is still in charge.

She often joins conferences and courses about sports law in the role of speaker, especially at “Corso di perfezionamento in Diritto sportive e giustizia sportiva”, which takes place in the Faculty of Law of the Università degli Studi in Milan.

Since 2018 she has been lecturer of the first certification CFFA in the UAE.

In November 2019, she founded the VM Law & Sport together with her colleagues Morena Campanile, Alessandro Favale and Carlo Mormando.


Morena Campanile, attorney at law, qualified to exercise the legal profession since 2011. She is researcher in corporate and bankruptcy law at Salento University since 2014 and carries out legal consultancy and assistance in the civil field, particularly concerning aspects related to contracts, banking and insurance, the management of the business crisis, as well as company profiles, including those relating to the responsibility of directors, statutory auditors and independent auditors.

She regularly provides legal assistance to companies and bankruptcy trustees. She has conducted extensive research in the field of banking and civil liability of credit institutions in the crisis phase of subsidized companies. She regularly collaborates with the chair of Commercial Law of Economic Faculty at Sacro Cuore University in Milan . She was tutor of the SSPL at Salento University. He has been a member of several Organizing Committees for business law conferences. She has written several publications on these topics.

In November 2019, she founded the VM Law & Sport together with her colleagues Lucia Bianco, Alessandro Favale and Carlo Mormando.


Alessandro Favale has been practicing the legal profession in Lecce since 1987 and is a member of the Lecce Bar Association.

Qualified to exercise in higher jurisdictions, he carries out consultancy and legal assistance in the civil law , in particular in the insurance sector, in the fields of labor law, family law, minors and hereditary subjects.

Municipal councilor in Monteroni from 1991 to 2001 and from 2008 to 2013 he has frequently held the role of councilor and Vice-mayor. From 1998 to 2001 director of the SISRI Industrial Consortium at Lecce, he has developed extensive knowledge in administrative and city planning law.

In November 2019, he founded the VM Law & Sport together with his colleagues Lucia Bianco, Morena Campanile and Carlo Mormando.


Carlo Mormando, attorney at law, graduated cum laude at Salento University, has carried out practice at the District Attorney of the State in Lecce. He was Treasurer of ELSA Lecce (The European Law Students’ Association) from 2014 to 2019 and collaborates with the “Centro Studi Sances” law firm specializing in taxation matters.

Always passionate about sports law, following in his father’s footsteps, he founded VM Law & Sport together with his colleagues Lucia Bianco, Morena Campanile and Alessandro Favale.